ZERO ID protects you and your Mac from being hacked, tracked and analyzed on the web.

Forget about personal data breaches, compromised online
accounts, email and phone spam.

Every second privacy and personal data of millions of people including yours are being violated by criminals, scammers, hackers and technological giants.

Privacy is your right, not a privilege. Check your personal data that has been compromised already.

We monitor 99% of sources where data breaches can be exposed.
Download ZERO ID for Mac and check where and when exactly your personal data
has been exposed.

How it works
  • Download the App

  • Enter your email address

  • See where and when your

    personal data has been exposed:

Every business is hunting for your personal data.

Avoid being tracked and analyzed on the web.

Helps to keep your real email and phone number clean and secure.

Provides temporary, secure, anonymous, disposable email address and phone number.

Does not require

Completely anonymous
email or phone number

Mailbox is fully protected from spam, hacking and exploits

Use it to register on dubious websites, forums, instant messaging etc.

Temporary phone numbers so you can get verification code instantly

Keep your online browsing and searches private.

No one should know what you watch, read and search on your mac.

Instantly remove your online & offline activities
  • Video you watched

  • Books you read

  • Things you googled

  • Browsing history

  • Chat history

  • Recent items list

  • Last sessions

  • Cookies, etc.

Keep your Mac safe online.

ZERO ID helps to determine the potential risks of your personal data leaks and how to mitigate these risks through security controls and security scanning.

Data breaches


MacOS update
Version 10.15.4


Online browsing traces


Wi-Fi Networks


Data breaches


Claim your privacy back.

Check how and where your personal data has been compromised and protect yourself in the future.
Download ZERO ID for your Mac.